Saturday, 5 June 2010

Tot School- The letter "A"

This was our first official week of Tot School , we started with Tot Trays and the Letter "A". We had a lot of fun projects and we both learned a lot this week :-)
**Tot Trays**
Here are some of the highlights from our Tot Tray fun

Play dough and shape cookie cutters
Pipe cleaners and spice shaker
Daddy and Lucy even got in on the fun :-)

This one started out well...
I put rice in two bowls and hid some letters and numbers for Liam to find. He liked digging for the "treasures" but I guess I didn't take into account Liam's current obsession with throwing things...
Yes, this one ended very poorly...
Rice will not be making an appearance on our Tot Trays for a while :-)
I just love his face here, "What, Mom? Did I do something wrong?"
Paper tearing and gluing
My friend introduced us to Starfall, we really enjoyed their Alphabet activities! I would highly recommend it! One thing I especially like is they incorporate signing in with the alphabet. I have been signing with Liam since he was about 9 months old, and love that he is able to use this to communicate with us.
Doing an Alphabet activity on the Starfall website. Finger painting the letter "A" with Aunt Emily :-)

**Memory Verse and Sign Language**
Our memory verse for the week was taken from this book.
~ A soft word turns away wrath. ~
Proverbs 15:1

Liam isn't old enough to really memorize anything yet, but just intorducing him to God's word is important at any age. I made a page with the verse at the top and made it more of an activity, playing on the word "soft" and adding soft things to the page throughout the week.

Things Liam Learned This Week
1. Letter A- He can recognize the letter and say "A" if we point to it and ask what it is :-)
2. How to sign the letter "A"
3. Recognize the sign for the letter "A"
4. Learned to sign Airplane and Apple

Things Mommy Learned This Week
1. Liam's memory verse :-)
2. I am blessed beyond belief to be here to teach my son
3. Rice is not a good Tot Tray activity for Liam
4. I need a better storage area for my Tot school activities

Next week is Letter B!

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  1. They are too cute!! Love your activities. Don't give up on the rice just yet maybe next time it won't be as big of a mess (just kidding,lol). I will be following you.

  2. What a wonderful first week. We started doing tot school at about this time and have had a great time. I agree with the previous commenter, don't give up on rice yet, maybe next time put it in the tub or outside? What I did was give it to her on a vinyl is easier to clean up!

  3. I had never heard of Starfall before. My son is going to LOVE it. I already do! Thanks for sharing. You had a great week. Oh and rice may not be a good idea...and neither is a water sensory tub. My son had fun..but he was soaked!

  4. What a great first week, welcome to the joys of Tot School

  5. I just love this! Great ideas!