Saturday, 12 June 2010

Tot School- The letter "B"

Liam is 19 months old

Week two of Tot School :-) This week we focused on the letter "B" and reviewed the letter "A". We did a lot of running around this week, so structured time didn't go as well as last week.

**Tot Trays**
Here are a couple of the highlights of our Tot Trays this week.

Coloring "Brown Bear"
Lacing Blocks with pipe cleaners
Liam isn't quite old enough to use the string yet, but he is pretty successful with the stiffness of the pipe cleaners.

**Letter "B" Activities**

Finger Painting the letter "B" and gluing Blue and "B" things to it.

We painted a coffee filter with water colors and made a Butterfly :-)
He was excited to show Aunt "E" his butterfly :-)

**Memory Verse and Sign Language Review**

Our memory verse for the week was taken from this book.
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.
Matthew 5:9

I try to read the verse to Liam at least 3x a day just so he can become familiar with God's word.

"B" signs we used this week
1. Ball
2. Bear
3. Bread
4. Book
5. Boy
6. Bird
7. Bath
8. Blanket
9. Bed
10. Bubbles (Check out this fun song to go along with the "bubbles" sign)

Liam already knew almost all of these signs, but I just made sure to emphasize the "B" and say the "B" sound each time we used them this week.

Additional B Activities we did this week (minus the pictures)
1. Starfall letter "B" Activities
2. Played with Bubbles
3. Played with Blocks
4. Played with Balls
5. Alphabet Flash Cards

**Things Liam Learned This Week**
1. Sign for Bubbles
2. Letter "B"
3. Recognize the sign for the letter "B"
4. The sound the letter "B" makes

**Things Mommy Learned This Week**
1. Liam's memory verse :-)
2. Finger paints will end up everywhere regardless of precautions taken
4. Liam LOVES Flash Cards (weird, I know)

Next week we are going to continue reviewing A and B and doing some more fun activities I didn't get to this week. We also have two Tot School Play dates planned for next week :-) Fun stuff!
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  1. Painting goes everywhere at my house too. He has learned so many signs.

  2. I just figure if I buy washable paint then I don't have to be as worried about it. So far so good!

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